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Change, Cancel or Modify A Confirmation

At 808CarRental.com we are focused on providing visitors to Hawaii the best service as well as the best price.

You can cancel a reservation right up to your arrival. Plans change, emergencies happen and flights are canceled. There are lots of reasons to cancel a confirmation. We do not panalize people who need to cancel a booking. Whatever your reason, we allow reservations to be canceled hassle free. Call us or cancel using the form above.

You can modify a reservations right up to your arrival. Note modifications are a bit more complicated. Call us or modify a confirmation using the form above.

Some changes are not necessary. Others require some thought. Note: not all national car rental companies offer modification to their reservations. If you are questioning a change to the confirmation, perhaps you should call us or the national car rental company. For example, was your flight delayed or changed by one hour? You probably are not going to need to make any adjustment. If you are delayed or change arrival by 4 hours we strongly suggest you inform the rental company as soon as possible. If you are at all concerned about a modification please call us at 866-344-7612.